Utilizing population reports, auction catalogs and personal observations, I rank the top five specimens of each mint for this date:



  1. Legend Collection specimen.  PCGS MS67.  ex Jimmy Hayes Collection.  Resubmitted 3 times in the late 1980's for MS67, so this coin accounts for 3 of the 6 reported MS66's.

  2. Certified MS66

  3. Certified MS66

  4. Certified MS66

  5. Certified MS65


Carson City

  1. Legend Collection specimen.  PCGS MS65.  ex Cornelius Vermeule III Collection.  Accounts for one of the PCGS MS64 specimens.

  2. ex: Legend Collection specimen.  PCGS MS64.  ex European Type Set via Dan Ratner.

  3. NGC certified MS64

  4. NGC certified MS64.  ex Legend Collection, ex A.W. Collection as PCGS MS63, ex New England Collection

  5. Certified MS63


San Francisco

  1. Legend Collection specimen.  PCGS MS65 - PQ.  ex Stack's 1992 sale.  I compared this coin side by side with the Eliasberg coin and felt this coin was finer.

  2. Eliasberg specimen.  NGC MS67.  Highly lustrous but with serious mint defects on the reverse above the eagle

  3. Certified MS65

  4. Certified MS65

  5. Certified MS65