Collecting Major Varieties

Another way to collect, and perhaps the most challenging for the numismatist seeking an intellectual pursuit, is to acquire major varieties within the business strike issues of the series; such pieces as the Type I and Type II obverse and reverse variations that exist for certain dates and mintmarks. The true rarity of certain of these has not been determined, yet there are ample opportunities to buy scarce coins for "common" prices (as noted, as of 1992 the PCGS, NGC, and ANACS certification services gave no indications on their holders as to Type I and Type II varieties), and, perhaps, even to make new discoveries.

Collection No. 2 can be combined with Collection No. 1 to yield a full display of business strike issues of the 1873-1878 years.

There are many major and minor double dies in the trade dollar series that are collectable.  The 1876-CC Reverse double die is fairly common and quite dramatic.  The 1876-S Obverse double die is equally dramatic, but extraordinarily rare.  Only four or five examples are known.  Many other dates, such as 1875-CC, 1877-S and 1878-S, have minor obverse or reverse doubling.  These double dies can also be added to the variety collection.