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The A.W. Collection sold by Chris Napolitano, April 30, 1992, to a private collector for $127,500. The group consisted of a set of trade dollars which took a well-known Eastern collector nine years to assemble. His objective was to acquire a high-level PCGS-certified Mint State example of each business strike date and mintmark. No effort was made to acquire the different I and II types of 1875-6. The following is an inventory of the dates and grades.

1873 MS-64 (PCGS). Medium iridescent toning. Nice strike.

1873-CC MS-63 (PCGS). Brilliant and frosty. Some lightness of strike on eagle’s sinister leg.

1873-S MS-64 (PCGS). Brilliant and frosty. Nice strike.

1874 MS-64 (PCGS). Brilliant. Slight weakness at stars 6 and 7.

1874-CC MS-64 (PCGS). Brilliant. Very frosty and attractive. Some very slight weakness on eagle’s sinister claw. Die breaks on obverse from 4th through branch and top of 5th star to border, and another extending more or less horizontally from the border through the bottom of the date numerals (but passing below 7) to the border.

1874-S MS-64 (PCGS). Brilliant with some scattered toning streaks. Well struck.

1875 MS-64 (PCGS). Light gray and iridescent toning. Well struck.

1875-CC I/I. MS-63 (PCGS). Well struck.

1875-S I/I. MS-64 (PCGS). Brilliant. Decent strike.

1875-S/CC I/I. MS-64 (PCGS). Brilliant; well struck. Usual variety with right C prominent; left C visible only as a tiny speck.

1876 I/II. MS-64 (PCGS). Light gray and iridescent surfaces.

1876-CC I/II MS-63 (PCGS). Lightly toned surfaces. Well struck.

1876-S I/I. MS-64 (PCGS). Brilliant. Some slight weakness of striking on eagle’s sinister leg.

1877 MS-64 (PCGS). Light gray and iridescent toning. Stars somewhat lightly struck, especially on the right side.

1877-CC MS-64 (PCGS). Light gray toning. Well struck.

1877-S MS-64 (PCGS). Brilliant. Well struck.

1878-CC MS-64 (PCGS). Brilliant. Very slight weakness, scarcely worthy of note, at stars 5, 6, 7 and 8.

1878-S MS-64 (PCGS). Well struck. Lightly toned.


Stack’s Public Auction Sale, September 10-11, 1992. This remarkable offering was described by Norman Stack, the cataloguer, as reprinted below. Note the consignor’s comment in the introduction, that in the course of 20 years he could find only one Uncirculated specimen each of 1873-CC, 1873-S, 1876-CC, and 1877-CC.

This collection of U.S. trade dollars is unquestionably the finest or nearly the finest set of business strikes ever offered at a public auction sale. The collection is complete by date and mint for the period 1873-1878 and includes 19 different issues. It is augmented by examples of the rare 1875-S/CC and 1876-S Micro S varieties. More importantly, and herein lies the the importance of the collection, each piece is at least Brilliant Uncirculated in condition, with many in higher grade. This includes even the 1873-CC, 1873-S 1876-CC, and 1877-CC In our consignor’s 20 years of active collecting of trade dollars, these four specimens were the only ones he could locate in full Uncirculated condition. In fact, it is his opinion that these four coins may well be unique in these grades. Even if they are not the only ones known in their exalted grades, modern collectors are well advised to note that many years may go by before comparable examples again cross the auction block.

1873 The first year issue. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated and virtually in the gem category. Sharply struck and wholly prooflike on the obverse, the reverse frosty and prooflike. Brilliant and untoned. $1,210.00.

1873-CC Gem Brilliant Uncirculated, a lovely specimen with a satiny surface, wholly "cartwheel" in appearance. A needle-sharp strike with full radial lines to the stars and all other devices in minute detail. Delicate champagne iridescent toning on the rims, lighter as it goes toward the central portion. $13,750.00. [Purchased at the sale by W.E. Seton; later graded MS-63 by NGC]

1873-S Gem Brilliant Uncirculated, full blazing mint frost and an exceedingly sharp strike. A most undervalued coin. We concur with Breen’s opinion of its rarity, "Usually in low grades or chopmarked." $8,250.00.

1874 Brilliant Uncirculated. A prooflike gem with pale golden brown peripheral toning. A sparkling beauty, rarely seen in Mint State, let alone in this exquisite state of preservation. $2,860.00.

Ex Stack’s February 2, 1978 Sale, Lot 726.

1874-CC Gem Brilliant Uncirculated, "cartwheel" lustre and a first-class strike on both sides. Even the tops of the wing points are fully struck. A bright specimen which should inspire enthusiastic bidding. $3,960.00.

Ex Renrob, May 1979, at private treaty as MS-65/70 100% fully struck.

1874-S Large Mintmark. Gem Brilliant Uncirculated, satiny mint bloom. Splendid pale steel with a hint of pink iridescence. Fully struck but for the left wing joint. $2,310.00.

1875 Type II reverse, no berry below the claw. Brilliant Uncirculated, wholly prooflike and a gem. Distinguishable from a Proof only by the edges which are fully rounded as well as the stars, head of Liberty and the tips of most of the reverse lettering. A beautiful example of this rarity. $1,375.00.

1875-CC Type I reverse, berry beneath the claw. Gem Brilliant Uncirculated, sharply struck and fully lustrous. Superb light toning in shades of pale steel and amber, graced by bright frosty lustre. $3,600.00.

1875-S/CC Type I reverse. Gem Brilliant Uncirculated, sparkling mint frost with pink, russet and steel overtones. Ex M.B. Simons, described as follows: "The finest example of this scarce overmintmark we have ever seen. Semi prooflike surface with no noticeable bag abrasions." $6,875.00.

1875-S Type I reverse. Gem Brilliant Uncirculated, a bright, frosty example with pale iridescent toning from the edges to the centers. $3,520.00.

Ex Steve Ivy Rare Coin Co. by private treaty as "Gem Brilliant Uncirculated 65+ Superb!"

1876 Type I obverse and reverse. Gem Brilliant Uncirculated. "Flashy" mint frost with a full "cartwheel" effect. Exquisite pale pink toning on a fully struck specimen. $1,870.00.

Ex Stack’s by private treaty from our own type set which is used as a demonstration vehicle for new collectors.

1876-CC Tall CC, Type I obverse and reverse; the RT on the scroll containing LIBERTY is touching. Gem Brilliant Uncirculated, bright frosty lustre, sharply struck. Breen calls this variety "very rare." $11,550.00. [Purchased at the sale by W.E. Seton; later graded MS-64 by NGC]

1876/5-S Micro S. Type II obverse and reverse. "Brilliant Uncirculated, russet toning about the outer periphery, frosty. A similar specimen to Auction ‘86, Lot 1234. Rare and in demand." As described in our auction catalogue.

Ex Coin Galleries Mail Bid Sale, February 11, 1988, Lot 1998.

1876-S Tall Mintmark. Type I obverse and reverse. From Joe Flynn described as follows: "Gem Brilliant Uncirculated, beautiful toning and fully struck, an excellent type coin." $742.50.

1877 Gem Brilliant Uncirculated, a deeply struck example with pale amber toning. $2,310.00.

Ex Cincinnati Art Museum Sale (Stack’s, June 3, 1977, Lot 544).

1877-CC A blazing specimen. Gem Brilliant Uncirculated. Sharply struck and overall, breathtakingly beautiful. Delicate amber-russet toning about its periphery. $23,100.00. [Purchased at the sale by W.E. Seton; later graded MS-65 by NGC]

1877-S Large Mintmark. From David Bland, described as follows: "Gem Brilliant Uncirculated, fully prooflike and fully struck with beautiful original color, many characteristics of a Proof, superb!" $825.00.

1878-CC One of the great rarities of the entire series. From J.J. Teaparty described as follows: "1878-CC Gem Brilliant Uncirculated." This statement is followed by a letter, "I know we have a quality coin in this 1878-CC as it speaks for itself. Personally I would rate it as one of the best. This coin is unquestionably guaranteed authentic." $7,700.00.

1878-S Medium, partially filled mintmark. Brilliant Uncirculated, gem, frosty with some prooflike surface. $880.00.

Bowers & Merena Sale of the Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr Collection, April 6-8 1997  featured a complete collection of trade dollars including the 1884 and 1885.  In the tradition of old time collections, the Philadelphia coins were represented by proofs only.

1873 Proof 66.  A superb gem specimen, one of the finest in existence and finest seen of this rare early date.  Delicate light golden toning on the obverse and reverse changes to blue on the rims.  In summary, the coin is absolutely magnificent.  $23,100  [Purchased at the sale by Legend Numismatics and later graded NGC PF66]

1873-CC AU-50.  Light golden toning with splashes of blue over lustrous surfaces.  $1650.

1873-S MS64.  An especially choice example of the first San Francisco issue of the denomination. Lustrous and somewhat prooflike.  On the reverse above the eagle there are some diagonal planchet lines from the drawing bench... $9,900  [Purchased at the sale by JIRCI and later graded MS67 by NGC]

1874 Proof 66.  A splendid specimen with toning virtually identical to the 1873. One of the very finest in existence. $10,450.  [NGC PF66]

1874-CC Net VF30.  Actually AU-50, but with several deep scratches at the left side of the reverse.  $550.

1874-S MS64, prooflike.  A splendid coin....nearly fully brilliant with delicate gold toning.  Near star ten is a planchet flake in the field.  $4,840. [PCGS MS64]

1875 Type I/II Proof 65.  A splendid gem specimen.  The obverse displays silver fields just beginning to tone gold.  The reverse exhibits mottled light gold, magenta and blue.  From an artistic viewpoint this is one of the finest we have ever laid eyes upon.  $9,350  [NGC PF66]

1875-CC Type I/I MS63.  Light golden and gray toning over somewhat satiny surfaces. $5,940  [PCGS MS64]

1875-CC Type I/I AU-50, chopmarked.  $1,980

1875-S Type I/I MS66.  A breathtakingly beautiful, superb business strike example - on e of the finest in existence anywhere of any date or variety.  The obverse and reverse are toned a delicate lilac hue.  Although the 1875-S is not a rare date, at this level it certainly is an unforgettable showpiece.  $25,300  [PCGS MS67]

1876 Type II/II Proof 65/66.  A splendid gem specimen with delicate champagne toning on the obverse, lovely heather and blue on the reverse.  $19,800

1876-CC MS66.  A splendid specimen, indeed memorable and world class, of a date and mintmark that is a great rarity at even the MS64 level, never mind MS65 and without precedent at the MS66 grade here offered.  Until this piece in the Eliasberg Collection was cataloged, no one even suspected than an 1876-CC existed in such lofty preservation.  The purchaser of this coin will acquire a true numismatic rarity which, in time, may well be recognized for its significance.  Meanwhile, the opportunity may be unique.  $63,800   [Graded  MS65 by PCGS  and purchased subsequently by the Legend Collection for $95,000]

1876-S Type I/I MS66.  A splendid gem specimen with delicate lilac toning over lustrous surfaces. A truly special example of a date which in ordinary preservation is easy enough to find, but which at the MS66 level is a great classic, indeed a major rarity.  $22,000.  [Graded PCGS MS66 - purchased by the Legend Collection for $28,000]

1877 Proof 66.  Light gray, champagne and golden toning over mirror surfaces.  A splendid specimen of this exceedingly popular date.  $27,500  [ NGC PF67]

1877-CC MS61.  Mottled light gray, golden and magenta toning.  $5,940.  [PCGS MS63]

1877-S MS66. Light lilac and gold toning over satiny, lustrous surfaces.  A gem specimen of a remarkable quality rarely encounter in today's market. $17,600 [PCGS MS66]

1878 Proof 65.  A splendid specimen with light heather toning with splashes of gold and magenta, changing to blue at the borders.  $22,000.  [NGC PF66]

1878-CC EF-40.  Medium gray and lilac toning.  Somewhat prooflike surfaces.  $5,720.  [PCGS AU58]

1878-S  MS65 to 66.  Delicate golden toning, lightly mottled in areas , over satiny surfaces.  $13,200  [PCGS MS66]

1879 Proof 65.  A splendid specimen with  heather and champagne toning over deep mirror surfaces.  $8,800.

1880 Proof 66.  Light gold and heather toning over deep mirror surfaces.  $7,700.

1881 Proof 65.  Light golden toning on obverse and reverse with some mottled magenta and light brown.  $8,800

1882 Proof 64.  Champagne toning over silver surfaces.  Some stray marks take this piece out of the pristine class that has characterized the earlier proofs.  $7,700.

1883 Proof 64 to 65.  Obverse with silver gray surfaces with mottled blue and magenta toning.  Reverse with gorgeous lilac and blue patina.  $9,350.

1884  Proof 66 or finer.  A superb gem!  Brilliant, virtually as struck, with just a whisper of golden toning. Most probably the very finest known specimen of this famous rarity.  Exquisitly and sharply struck in all details.  A numismatic masterpiece...the only serious rival being the Floyd Starr coin.  $396,000.  [NGC PF66]

1885 Proof 65.  Brilliant and beautiful.  A few trivial lines away from absolute perfection.  Far and away the finest known of just five extant pieces.  A glittering gem example of one of America's greatest numismatic rarities...the present coin, a highlight of the Louis E Eliasberg Sr Collection, is one of the most important offerings of our generation.  Its next owner will have a fantastic treasure.  $907,500.  [Graded PF66 by NGC, purchased in 1999 for the sum of $1,525,000 by the Legend Collection]


Stack's Sale of the Cornelius Vermeule III Collection, September 11-12 2001  featured a nearly complete collection of trade dollars excluding the 1884 and 1885.  In the tradition of old time collections, most of the Philadelphia coins were represented by proofs only.  The quality of the proofs was outstanding and the collection featured the finest known 1873-CC.

1873 Gem Brilliant Proof.  Gleaming full mirror fields display old-gold, bright blue, lilac tones for exquisite beauty.  $6,900  [Purchased at the sale by Gene Seton]]

1873-CC Very Choice Brilliant Uncirculated.  A silver coin of nearly full Gem quality, cartwheel lustre gleams boldly through a suffusion of clear pale gold.  $74,750. [Purchased at the sale by  Legend Numismatics and subsequently graded NGC MS65]

1873-S About Uncirculated.  Light yet vibrant gold enlivens lightly circulated surfaces. $230

1874  Choice About Uncirculated.  Deep gray and violet tones overlay smooth surfaces.   $253. 

1874-CC Choice About Uncirculated.  Virtually mint state, lightest violet toning contrasts with silver outlining the reliefs.  $690.

1874-S Brilliant Uncirculated, or nearly so.  Silver white fields show light hairlines.  $195.50

1875 Choice Brilliant Proof .  Gunmetal obverse has a bright silver center, reverse is blue-gray and rose with a fascinating beam of bright silver across the eagle's breast.  $2875.

1875-S Choice Brilliant Uncirculated.  Bold facial detail testifies to a strong strike, pale gold adds to the coin's charm.  $1,265.

1876 Gem Brilliant Proof .  Here is a richly toned cameo proof.  Vivid frosty white centers emboldened by watery reflective fields and exquisite rose-pink and electric blue toning toward the peripheries.  $26,450.

1876-CC Choice About Uncirculated.  Clear lilac and pale blue covers both sides..  $1006.25

1876-S Choice About Uncirculated.  Lustrous silver shows a suffusion of light gold..  $276.

1877 Gem Brilliant Proof.  Here is a mouthwatering Gem boasting soft pearl toning with hints of rose and champagne. Stark silver Liberty and eagle appear to float on the glorious mirror fields..  $18,400.

1877-CC Brilliant Uncirculated.  Russet gold outlines the reliefs.  $1,610. 

1877-S Brilliant Uncirculated, with prooflike flash.. Bold strike with full lead, tan-gold toning is strewn over the smooth surfaces.  $373.75

1878 Very Choice Brilliant Proof.  Obverse is gleaming caramel and lightest blue, reverse presents silver eagle contrasting with blue and lilac.  $13,800.

1878-S  Very Choice Brilliant Uncirculated.  Luxuriant full luster is dramatized by boldest cartwheel reflectivity.  $1,380.

1879 Gem Brilliant Proof.  Needle sharp detail joins a wealth of rose-gold, blue and reverse lilac for spectacular visual appeal.  $12,650.  [PCGS PF67]

1880 Gem Brilliant Proof. Glittering blue-gray, underlying rose and gold edging give this gorgeous coin exceptional vitality.  $7,187.50

1881 Gem Brilliant Proof.  Blazing reflective fields are drenched in clear rose-gold, reverse presents a touch of clearest steel for overwhelming beauty.  $14,950.

1883 Gem Brilliant Proof.  Fully superb with pristine deep mirror fields.  The obverse is drowned in spectacular iridescent silver, violet, gleaming gold, the reverse in delicate lilac.  Here is a trade dollar that would be virtually impossible to improve upon with even and unlimited acquisition budget.  $9,200.


Bowers & Merena Sale of the Phillip Flannagan and Dr John C. Wong Collections, November 29 2001  featured a nearly complete collection of certified mint state trade dollars of very high quality.

1873 NGC MS63.  Brilliant with satiny luster.  Some traces of toning among the letters.   $1,495.

1873-CC PCGS MS63.  Bright silver surfaces with delicate golden toning, and a streak of gray on the reverse.  Of the three circulating trade dollar issues of 1873, the 1873-CC stands as a great rarity.  In keeping with other circulation strike trade dollars, no record can be found of any numismatists specifically acquiring them.  $21,850.       [Purchased at the sale by Legend Numismatics and placed in the Concord Collection of MS Trade Dollars]

1873-S PCGS MS64.  Lustrous surfaces overlaid with lilac and golden toning, along with some splashes of brown and magenta here and there.   $2,990.      [Purchased at the sale by Legend Numismatics and placed in the Linda Collection of MS Trade Dollars]

1874 NGC MS63.  Bright lustrous surfaces with a hint of gold toning.   $1,955.

1874-CC PCGS MS63.  Brilliant and lustrous.  Scattered contact marks on the surfaces, particularly the obverse.  Delicate golden toning is most notable at the borders.  $4,715.        [I used to own this coin in the late 1990's and it remains one of my favorite 74-CC trade dollars!]

1874-S PCGS MS64.   A superb specimen with gorgeous satiny lustre, brilliant obverse and reverse with just a touch of gold.  $3,680.

1875 Type I/II NGC MS63.  Brilliant satiny surfaces with delicate gold toning, particularly at the borders.  Quite well struck.  $3,105.

1875-CC Type I/I PCGS MS64.   $8,740.

1875-CC Type I/I NGC MS62.  Brilliant surfaces with contact marks as might be expected of the grade.  $1,035.

1875-S/CC Type I/II PCGS MS64.  A splendid specimen, magnificent and superlative, with satiny lustre in obverse and reverse accented with delicate champagne toning.  Well struck.  In our opinion, this piece is high Condition Census and, beyond that, has such outstanding eye appeal and aesthetic value that it represents one of the most important trade dollars auctioned in our time.  $17,250.      [Purchased at the sale by Legend Numismatics and placed in a private collection]

1875-S/CC Type I/II NGC MS60.  Brilliant and frosty on obverse and reverse.  $2,587.50

1876 Type I/II NGC MS63.  Lustrous surfaces with light golden toning.  $1,035.

1876-CC Double Die Reverse ANACS MS61.  Brilliant surfaces with only 10 examples traced when we studied trade dollars in detail a decade or so ago.  [note:  I have found this variety to be fairly common in lower grades, although still quite rare in mint state]  $4,830.

1876-S Type I/I NGC MS65.  Brilliant, lustrous surfaces.  Well struck.  A gem coin, a truly memorable example of this centennial year issue.  $5,290.

1877-CC PCGS MS63.  Highly lustrous and frosty with very delicate golden toning.  An aesthetic treat!  $7,590.

1877-CC PCGS MS63. Another remarkable specimen, brilliant with satiny luster, also well struck and also a treat to the eye..  $7,130.

1877-S PCGS MS64. A high grade example of this popular date.  $2,300.

1882 Proof 63.  Brilliant with delicate champagne toning. $2,070.

A Pair of Game Counters from trade dollars.  EF.  $1,495.