1971 - 1980 Prices


The Bowers and Ruddy Galleries sale of the Austin Collection, May 31 and June 1, 1974, contained an assortment of trade dollars, mostly of choice quality.

1874-CC Choice BU. $430.00.

1874-S Choice BU. $380.00.

1875-S Choice BU. $370.00.

1875-S Unc. $290.00.

1875-S over CC Brilliant Unc. $950.00.

1875-S/CC BU. Minor surface marks. $725.00.

1876 Proof with hairlines. $270.00.

1876-S Choice BU. $360.00.

1877-S BU. $300.00.

1877-S BU, prooflike. $350.00.

1877-S Choice BU. $350.00.

1882 Br. Proof. Minor hairlines. $775.00.

1882 Proof. Some surface marks. $775.00.

1883 Proof. $900.00.


Superior Stamp & Coin Company’s ANA Convention Sale, August 19-23, 1975. This offering, comprising as it did a set of Philadelphia Mint Proofs 1873-1883 plus most of the branch mint issues in varying degrees of Uncirculated grade, was one of the finest cabinets of trade dollars to cross the auction block. Such coins as the 1873-CC, 1876-CC, 1877-CC, and 1878-CC are especially memorable from today’s hindsight.

1873 Choice brilliant Proof with light toning. Two very small lint marks below Liberty’s arm and one tiny rim nick at 4:00 on the obverse, otherwise could be considered very choice. $725.00.

1873 Br. Unc. with some light bag marks. $600.00.

1873-CC Br. Unc. with a few bag marks and a couple of light nicks on the rim. $775.00.

1873-S Brilliant About Unc. with a faint film of light toning. Struck on a highly polished die. $225.00.

1874 Br. Proof with a few lint marks in the planchet as made. $875.00.

1874 Brilliant frosty Unc. Some very light bag marks in the fields, far fewer than normal. $425.00.

1874-CC Toned about Unc. $300.00.

1874-S Br. Unc. with the normal amount of light bag marks. A few light rim nicks, none serious. $285.00.

1875 Br. Proof with lovely rainbow toning. A few light hairlines mostly concealed by the toning. Some light obverse rim nicks. $650.00.

1875 Brilliant frosty Unc. with the normal amount of light bag marks. $900.00.

1875-CC Br. Unc. and well struck. Normal amount of light bagmarks. $600.00.

1875-S over CC Choice About Unc. with the normal amount of bag marks for this grade. A full Rarity-6. $1,000.00.

1875-S Brilliant frosty Unc. with the usual amount of light handling marks. Softly struck on Liberty’s head and right foot of eagle. The mintmark is weakly struck. $260.00.

1876 Br. Proof with lovely iridescent blue toning. A few minor hairlines which are concealed by the toning. $1,250.00.

1876 Br. Unc. with some surface marks on both sides, probably caused by a rubber band. $310.00.

1876-CC Br. Unc. with light iridescent toning. $710.00.

1876-S Br. Unc. with the normal amount of light bag marks. $350.00.

1877 Br. Proof with some lint marks and hairlines. A few light marks in the obverse field. $675.00.

1877 Iridescently toned borderline Unc. A little too much cabinet friction to qualify as Mint State. $290.00.

1877-CC Unc. with several light marks on the rims of both sides. $625.00.

1877-S Small S. Br. Unc. and quite lustrous with normal amount of bag abrasions. $350.00.

1877-S Tall S. Borderline Unc. with prooflike surface. A few too many bag marks and rim nicks to qualify as Mint State. $180.00.

1878 Iridescently toned Proof. $1,300.00.

1878-CC Choice brilliant frosty Unc. Very few bag marks and rim nicks. $2,700.00.

1878-S Br. Unc. with a few light rim nicks and some light bag marks. $350.00.

1879 Br. Proof with light toning. A few minute contact marks with other coins, otherwise could be considered choice. $700.00.

1880 Br. Proof with some lint marks as made. $1,125.00.

1880 Br. Proof with some light handling marks in the fields. $550.00.

1882 Br. Proof with a faint film of gray toned. $1,100.00.

1883 Br. Proof with a faint film of gray tone. $1,400.00.



The Fairfield Collection, sold by Bowers and Ruddy Galleries, Inc., October 6-8, 1977, included one or more of each trade dollar variety 1873-1883. The consignor believed that buying one coin was a good idea, owning two was even better, and to own three or more was better yet! No other sale before or since has had so many scarce trade dollars in duplicate, including two each of Mint State 1876-CC and 1878-CC. A Connecticut businessman with an eye for quality, he bought intensely from many different sources in the 1970s. Upon its sale, the collection-hoard created wide attention and realized strong prices.

1873 Choice Proof. $1,050.00.

1873 Gem Unc. $1,400.00.

1873 Unc. $200.00.

1873 AU. $120.00.

1873 AU, prooflike. $140.00.

1873-CC Choice BU. $1,000.00.

1873-S Choice BU. $1,250.00.

1873-S Choice BU. $750.00.

1874 Proof. $1,050.00.

1874 Choice BU. Mark on head. $1,100.00.

1874 Choice BU. $525.00.

1874 Choice BU, softly struck. $225.00.

1874-CC BU. $240.00.

1874-CC Choice Unc. $950.00.

1874-S AU, toning streaks. $100.00.

1874-S Choice BU. $575.00.

1875 Gem BU. $7,250.00.

1875 Choice BU. $1,200.00.

1875-CC Choice BU. $625.00.

1875-CC VF. $75.00.

1875-CC Choice BU. $750.00.

1875-S/CC BU with prooflike surfaces. $1,250.00.

1875-S/CC AU, small edge bump. $200.00.

1875-S Gem BU. $650.00.

1875-S AU. $105.00.

1875-S VF-EF. $70.00.

1875-S Choice BU. $525.00.

1876 Choice BU. Small nick. $325.00.

1876 AU, harshly cleaned. $135.00.

1876 Choice Proof. Lintmark. $1,050.00.

1876 Br. Proof; hairlines. $625.00.

1876 Gem BU. $850.00.

1876 Choice BU. $500.00.

1876 Choice BU. $625.00.

1876-CC Gem Unc. $1,650.00.

1876-CC Choice BU. $825.00.

1876-S Gem BU. $675.00.

1876-S AU. $100.00.

1876-S Gem BU. $1,200.00.

1877 Choice Br. Proof. $1,850.00.

1877 Choice BU. $600.00.

1877-CC Choice BU. $700.00.

1877-S Choice BU. $500.00.

1877-S Choice BU. $575.00.

1878 Choice Proof. $1,100.00.

1878 Br. Proof. $1,150.00.

1878-CC Choice Unc. $3,200.00.

1878-CC BU. $3,000.00.

1878-S BU. $360.00.

1878-S Borderline Unc., cleaned. $100.00.

1878-S Borderline Unc. $135.00.

1878-S AU, polished. $80.00.

1878-S EF-AU. $100.00.

1879 Br. Proof, hairlines. $625.00.

1879 Gem Br. Proof. $1,250.00.

1879 Gem Proof. $1,800.00.

1879 Gem Br. Proof. $1,400.00.

1879 Choice Br. Proof. $1,300.00.

1879 Choice Proof. $950.00.

1880 Br. Proof, many hairlines. $625.00.

1880 Proof, not in full brilliance. $575.00.

1880 Choice Br. Proof. $1,250.00.

1880 Choice Proof. $1,400.00.

1880 Choice Proof. $1,100.00.

1880 Br. Proof; hairlines. $725.00.

1881 Gem Proof. $1,500.00.

1881 Choice Br. Proof. $1,500.00.

1881 Choice Proof. $1,350.00.

1882 Gem Br. Proof. $1,750.00.

1882 Choice Br. Proof. $1,050.00.

1882 Br. Proof; light hairlines. $800.00.

1883 Choice Br. Proof. $1,100.00.

1883 Choice Proof. $1,200.00.

1883 Choice Br. Proof. $1,155.00.


The Bowers and Ruddy Galleries sale of the Garrett Collection, March 26-27, 1980, offered a selection of trade dollars, most of which had remained in the cabinet since the nineteenth century. Offered at the peak of the investment market that began in the mid-1970s, and containing coins of unusually fine quality, the Garrett Collection realized record prices.

1873 Choice Proof. Just the merest whisper of light striking on the eagle’s left (to observer’s right) knee. Toned a multitude of iridescent hues on obverse and reverse, primarily light brown, gold, blue and magenta. $20,000.00.

1873-S Br. Unc., MS-60. Full original mint frost just beginning to tone light mottled gray and gold. With a minimum of bagmarks, which is very unusual for this large and heavy issue. $8,000.00.

1874 Proof. Removed from the choice category only by the faintest friction. Some light areas of striking, as made on the eagle’s left (to observer’s right) foot and on the corresponding part of the obverse. Beautifully toned a light iridescent gold, magenta, and blue. $13,000.00.

1876 Proof. A far above average example of this centennial year coin, but with some light lines visible. The obverse is toned a multitude of colors ranging from light gold, magenta, and brown through gunmetal blue and gold. The revere is primarily lilac at the center and blue at the border. $13,000.00.

1877 Choice Proof. Separated from perfection by just a few trivial marks. The present example is toned on the obverse a mottled smoky brown mingled with hues of gold and magenta. The reverse is primarily lilac at the center blending to iridescent blue at the border. Breathtakingly beautiful. $15,000.00.

1878-CC AU-50, primarily toned light gray with hints of iridescence around the obverse. $5,500.00.

1878-S Choice Br. Unc., MS-67. The nicest 1878-S trade dollar we have ever seen. Virtually bereft of surface marks; full brilliance and lustre. $40,000.00.


The John M. Willem Collection sold by Henry Christensen, Inc., September 5, 1980. The following listing comprises the reference collection of "the father of the trade dollar." By this time, the business of the late Henry Christensen was conducted by his son William.

1873 Brilliant Proof, with a partial wire edge. 865 Proofs struck in this year. $2,500.00.

1873 Fully prooflike Unc.-65. Many would call this a Proof. Mr. Willem regarded it as one of the finest business strike trade dollars known of any date or mint. $1,650.00.

1873 The reverse variety with broken serifs on the E of STATES and the F of OF. Nice EF. $300.00.

1873 VG with many Oriental chopmarks. $425.00.

1873 AU, the reverse has been planed off and engraved as an elaborate pocket piece. Ex Abner Kreisberg, January 1964. Obviously, unique. $250.00.

1873-CC Prooflike AU-Unc. with many light hairlines and a relatively flat head. Very scarce without chopmarks. The lowest mintage legal tender trade dollar, second lowest mintage of any business strike. $250.00.

1873-CC VF-EF with two Oriental chopmarks. Scarce. $135.00.

1873-S Unc.-60 with a few light bagmarks. Very scarce without chopmarks. $275.00.

1873-S Choice AU-Unc. with one chopmark on the eagle. The only "circulation" this piece saw was from bank to bank. $160.00.

1874 A nice Proof with light toning. Rev. shows the diagnostic peripheral die crack. Some hairlines. 700 Proofs struck. $750.00.

1874 Unc.-60, fully Prooflike, but an early flat strike before the dies were properly adjusted. $250.00.

1874 Unc.-65. $500.00.

1874 EF-AU with two neat incuse chopmarks. $125.00.

1874 Toned EF with two chopmarks, one a rare mark in relief. $110.00.

1874-CC Nice frosty Unc. Micro CC mintmark. $800.00.

1874-CC Nice AU-Unc. with hairlines. Large CC mintmark. $375.00.

1874-CC VF-EF with two chopmarks, one a rare mark in relief. $145.00.

1874-CC About VF with several incuse chopmarks. $110.00.

1874-S Unc.-63, head a bit flat, but a nice coin. Micro S mintmark. Scarce in this condition. $700.00.

1874-S Micro S mintmark. Nice EF/AU, one small obverse chopmark. $200.00.

1874-S Large S mintmark. EF-AU with one obverse chopmark. This is the Willem plate coin. $100.00.

1875 Type 1 reverse with berry in claw. A lovely Proof with bronze toning around the edges. 700 Proofs of both types struck. The type 1 is very rare. $5,000.00.

1875 Type 2 reverse without berry in claw. A splendid Proof. $4,500.00.

1875 Type 2 reverse without berry in claw. A nice Proof, but on the reverse there is a small graffiti W above the denomination. Bearing this initial, this was Mr. Willem’s lucky piece. $1,500.00.

1875 Type 1 reverse. Brilliant AU-Unc. with a few field flaws. Type 1 is rare in any condition for this coin. It took Mr. Willem many years to find this piece. $900.00.

1875 Type 2 reverse. Nice Frosty Unc. A rare date in rare condition. $8,200.00.

1875 Type 2 reverse. The variety with a reverse peripheral die crack. Choice frosty Unc. with a tiny and inoffensive edge ding. Rare. $7,350.00.

1875 Type 2 reverse. Nice EF with a single obverse chopmark. Scarce. $235.00.

Note: On the 1875 branch mint issues, the type 1 reverse is more common than the type 2—the opposite of Philadelphia. This indicates that the new dies reached Carson City and San Francisco late in the year.

1875-CC Type 1 reverse. Large CC mintmark. Unc. with some bagmarks. $725.00.

1875-CC Type 2 reverse. Large CC mintmark. Unc., heads a bit flat. Rare. $750.00.

1875-CC Type 1 reverse. Large CC mintmark. VF with two chopmarks, one in relief. $110.00.

1875-CC Type 2 reverse. Large CC mintmark. EF with four reverse chopmarks. Rare. $225.00.

1875-S/CC Type 1 reverse, as all of this over-initial variety appear to be. Frosty AU-Unc. with some obverse bagmarks. One of the finest known specimens and still one of the nicest. $900.00.

1875-S/CC Type 1 reverse. VF-EF with one obverse chopmark. This over-initial variety is very rare with chopmarks. $350.00.

1875-S Type 1 reverse. Unc., hair a trifle flat. $600.00.

1875-S Type 1 reverse. Brilliant EF-AU with a single chopmark on each side. Rather prooflike. $35.00.

1875-S Type 2 reverse—Rare. Nice EF with two chops, one in relief. $165.00.

1875-S A charming error piece where the coin was struck, rotated 90 then struck again, giving the impression of stars all around the obverse. Type 1 reverse. VF, several chopmarks. Ex Tom McAfee, 1969 at (250.00). $420.00.

Note: For 1876, the Type 1 reverses of all mints are rare.

1876 Type 1 reverse. A lightly toned Proof with a few hairlines in the field. This reverse die has the broken topped E’s

and F’s. Very rare. 1,150 Proofs of both types struck, but most were type 2.$5,000.00.

1876 Type 2 reverse. A Brilliant Proof with a wire rim. $1,250.00.

1876 Type 1 reverse. Die with broken topped E’s and F’s. Frosty Unc. Rare. $800.00.

1876 Type 2 reverse. Prooflike AU-Unc., some bagmarks. $375.00.

1876 Type 2 reverse. VF with one light obverse chopmark. $80.00.

1876-CC Type 1 reverse. Large CC mintmark. Reverse die with broken topped E’s and F’s. AU/Choice Unc. with some obverse bagmarks. $610.00.

1876-CC Type 1 reverse Micro CC mintmark. Toned EF, reverse bagmarks. $275.00.

1876-CC Type 2 reverse. Large CC mintmark. Brilliant EF with one obverse chopmark in relief. $185.00.

1876-S Type 1 reverse. Large S mintmark. Unc. Rare variety. $900.00.

1876-S Type 2 reverse. Micro S mintmark. Toned Unc., head a bit flat. $775.00.

1876-S Type 2 reverse. Die break on upper left wing and radial crack by F of OF. Micro S mintmark AU/Unc. $400.00.

1876-S Type 1 reverse. Micro S mintmark. EF with one chopmark on each side. Rare variety. $200.00.

1876-S Type 1 reverse. Large S mintmark. EF-AU. Rare variety. $500.00.

1877 A lovely Proof with a few obverse hairlines. 510 Proofs reported struck though Breen states that "the 1877 Trade is a much rarer coin in Proof state than its mintage suggests." $3,000.00.

1877 Unc. with a few obverse bagmarks. The obverse is fully prooflike and may be a Proof die put into business strike service. The reverse is frosty. $700.00.

1877 Frosty AU-Unc. but flat head and stars as is typical of this date. The reverse die has a circumferential die break. A ding between TRADE and DOLLAR. $450.00.

1877 Fine with many obverse chopmarks. $70.00.

1877-CC Frosty Unc. with a few bagmarks. The stars are strong but the head is a bit flat. $1,300.00.

1877-CC Frosty AU with a single reverse chopmark on the eagle. $250.00.

1877-S Large S mintmark upright over D of DOLLAR, Unc., rather prooflike, but many bagmarks. $325.00.

1877-S Large S mintmark upright over D. AU with a couple of light chopmarks. $50.00.

1877-S Large S mintmark at a slant between TRADE and DOLLAR. AU with a single chopmark on the eagle’s breast. $135.00.

1877-S Micro S mintmark. VF with many chopmarks. $60.00.

1878 A lovely Proof with a bit of a wire rim. A Proof only issue of 900 pieces though Breen states "Rarer than the mintage suggests; many may have been melted in 1879." $4,000.00.

1878-CC Unc., rather prooflike but head a bit flat. A number of bagmarks. Mintage of only 97,000 of which close to 40,000 were melted in the last century. $2,000.00.

1878-CC VF-EF with a single obverse chopmark and a reverse stain. $300.00.

1878-S Unc. The 4 in 420 has not tail. $450.00.

1878-S A nice Unc. with a few bagmarks. The head is a trifle flat. The variety with 420 GRAINS double punched. $600.00.

1878-S 420 Grains appears normal. EF, one obverse chopmark. $137.50.

1879 A lovely Proof with a reverse tarnish streak. A Proof only issue of 1,541 pieces. $2,300.00.

1880 A handsome lightly toned Proof. Top of 1 below G. A Proof only issue of 1,987 pieces. $2,500.00.

1881 A lovely blue toned Proof. The stars are well struck up; the head is only a shade flat, unlike most of this date. A Proof only issue of 960 pieces. $6,300.00.

1882 A lovely Proof with light toning around the devices. A Proof only issue of 1,097 pieces. $4,250.00.

1883 A handsome Proof with light golden toning. A Proof only issue of 979 pieces. The last genuine year for trade dollars. $5,500.00.

1878 The so-called "Opium Dollar." 1878 obverse muled with type 1 reverse. The whole hollowed out and hinged, ostensibly for the purpose of concealing opium, though how an opium dreamer could open the piece himself rather eludes us. $225.00.

1877-CC Gold plated, with a reverse chopmark. About EF. $175.00.